Links and Resources


By Pisuth Ek-Amnuay (Published by Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Co., Ltd in 2006. ISBN 974-289-186-9). A guide to the butterflies of Thailand. A second edition is due for publication shortly.
By Khew Sin Khoon (Published by Ink on Paper Communications Pte Ltd in 2010. ISBN 978-981-08-7018). A field guide to all the known species from the City State. Magnificent photos of all species in the wild.
By Philip Yik-fui Lo & Wing-leung Hui. A field guide to all the known species from the Hong Kong. A field guide to all the species recorded from Hong Kong, text in both English and Chinese.
By Isaac Kehimkar. (Oxford University Press & Bombay Natural History Society in 2008. ISBN 978-019569620-2). A field guide to all the known species from Indian subcontinent. Photos of most species in the wild and brief description of all species.
A new site which promotes butterfly trips within Thailand provided by Antonio Giudici. There is also a section providing a checklist of Thai species with photos taken in the wild.
A website devoted to Butterfly Photography. Primarily Singapore based, but also with contributions from Malaysia and Koh Samui (courtesy of myself). Some of the best butterfly photographers around (apart from me!)
A magnificent site from John Moore, full of photographs of Butterflies and other insects from ChiangMai.
A site that provides much information on the butterflies to be found on the subcontinent, many of which can also be found in northern Thailand.
A complete checklist of all species and subspecies to be found in the area.
Very comprehensive website, based in ChiangMai, and concentrating on the insects of that region.
My old site, taken over and improved by Olivier Pequin. A complete reference for this fascinating Genus.


By Matti Hämäläinen & Bro. Amnuay Pinratana (Published by Brothers of St. Gabriel in Thailand in 1999. ISBN 974-87004-5-3) - Record of all known species at the date of publication. Distribution Maps by Provinces. Some photos. Information is out of date as only 11 species are recorded from Suratthani Province (where Koh Samui is located!)
By Dr. Syoziro Asahina (Published by Brothers of St. Gabriel in Thailand in 1993). A collection of 21 Papers by Dr. Asahina from September 1982 until 1990 placed in a single volume. (Black & White photos and detailed drawings)
By Dr. A G Orr (Published by Natural History Publications, Borneo Sdn. Bhd. in 2005. ISBN 983-812-103-7). A pocket guide to all the known species from the Malay Peninsular. Hand drawings. Many species are also to be found on Samui.
By Tang, H.B., L. K. Wang & M. Hämäläinen. (Published by The Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research in 2010. ISBN 978-981-08-6155-1). A photographic guide to the Odonata of Singapore. Magnificent photos for all species recorded from the City State.
by Tang Hung Bun, this site has superb photos and information relating to the Odonata from Singapore, many of which are also to be found in Southern Peninsular Thailand.
A thoroughly comprehensive website for Odonata throughout Asia.
A wonderful and entertaining blog by Dennis Farrell detailing his trips within Thailand to photograph the Odonata of the areas.
By Noppadon Makbun. This site gives much more information on Thai Odonata than my knowledge allows.
By C Y Choong. An equally informative blog on the Dragonflies found in West Malaysia
Everthing you want to know about Cambodian Odonata.


Site from Francesco Vitali. Essential for any information on Longhorn Beetles. A forum is available.
Site devoted to worldwide Mantids. A huge wealth of expertise available for anyone interest in these insects, particularly for those rearing them. A forum is available.
A site giving valuable information on the Flies of the world. A forum is available.
By Dr. Jeremy Holloway, this a a website reproducing the entire 18 volumes of his monumental work.
Extensive information relating to all the species of Hawkmoths found in the region, including distribution maps.
A wonderful site for Birders in N. Thailand by Dave Sargeant. He also has an excellent gallery of the local butterflies.
Not a tour company, but an excellent site by Ian Dugdale, which promotes the beauty and natural history of Phuket. There is also a large butterfly gallery.
An excellent eco-lodge near Tatai, Cambodia run by Gee & Janet. It is in the foothill of the southern Cardamon Moluntains. There are also galleries on the site showing the nature found in the area.