Eurema sari sodalis

Moore 1886 - The Chocolate Grass Yellow

Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan.

There are six members of the Eurema genus on the Islands. They are all very similar, and it is nearly impossible to identify most of them on the wing. The main differences between the species are a) the number of spots in the underside forewing cell, combined with b) the shape of the upperside forewing black markings and c) the shape of the apical area markings on the forewing underside. As the English name suggests, this species should be looked for on grasslands, and other open spaces.

This species is of small to medium size for the group, has a single cell spot, with the black forewing border deeply excavated. Underside forewing apical area entirely a chocolate dark brown (this is the easiest way to identify this species).

A common species, and unlike most members of the genus, can be readily found in forest clearings.

Flight Period



35 - 40mm

Early Stages

Fully known. More detailed life history information is available from the following resource: ButterflyCircle Blog (courtesy of Dr. Horace Tan.)

Larval Foodplant

Pithecellobium dulce (Mimosaceae)


S. Burma, Malay Peninsular, Indo-China, Sumatra and N. Borneo. Other subspecies on S. Borneo, Java and Palawan.