Appias lyncida vasava

Fruhstorfer 1910 - The Chocolate Albatross

Koh Samui only.

A very pretty butterfly. This species is known as a regular migrant, but, it is unclear whether the status of the species on Samui is as a migrant or resident. The flight period shown above, based on my personal sightings, suggests the latter, but I have not seen any of the early stages here, yet.

Not an uncommon species, regularly seen by roadside seepages and by streams, often in some numbers. It is a butterfly that is to be found at the edges of forests and secondary vegetation. The rarer female tends to keep to forested areas.

Flight Period

x   xxxxxx   x   x


45 - 55mm

Early Stages

Known. Full detailed life history information is available from the following resources: S. Igarishi - Life Histories of Asian Butterflies, Volume.1 , Page 293.

Larval Foodplant

Various species of Capparidaeceae and Gynotroches axillaris (Rhizophoraceae)


Sri Lanka, India and Burma through the Malay Peninsular. Other subspecies throughout the Oriental Region.