Graphium macareus perakensis

Fruhstorfer 1899 - The Lesser Zebra

Koh Samui only.

This is a rare species on Samui. Unlike most butterflies in the tropics, this species is not continually brooded. It appears to have only two broods each year (further north, it may have only one!)

It is a good mimic of the distasteful Danaid species of the Parantica or Ideopsis genera.

Generally, this is a forest insect, but, on the two occasions I have seen it, it was puddling on a damp road, a short distance from the forest.

Flight Period

    x          x     


55 - 75mm

Early Stages

Not known.

Larval Foodplant

Not known.


Peninsular Thailand and Malaysia. Other subspecies found from Sikkim to Sundaland, Palawan and S. China..