Papilio castor mahadeva

Moore 1879 - The Siamese Raven

Koh Samui only.

This species was, at one time, considered as a seperate species, Papilio mahadava, but recently, more and more experts have considered it purely a subspecies of Papilio castor. I have only ever come across this species once on Samui. It is more often to be seen on the western coast of the peninsular.

This is one of the tail-less Swallowtails.

This appears to be a butterfly of the lowland evergreen forests and forest edges, not found above approx. 500m..

Flight Period

x x x x               x


75 - 85mm

Early Stages

Not fully known.

Larval Foodplant

Glycosmis pentaphylla and Glycosmis citrifolia (Rutaceae)


Very restricted, from South Burma, though Thailand to Northern Malaysia.