Graphium nomius swinhoei

Moore 1878 - The Spot Swallowtail

Koh Pha Ngan only.

One of three species of 'Swordtails' found on the Islands. This is primarily a forest species and can be found flying close to rivers and streams. So far, only seen once on Koh Pha gan, and its absence from Samui is surprising, and should be looked for.

The males of this species love to puddle, and at times, large numbers can be found on the mainland congregated around a single damp patch.

Flight Period



60 - 85mm

Early Stages

Fully known.

Larval Foodplant

Miliusa tomentosum and Miliusa velutina(Annonaceae)


Thailand but not the lower peninsular area,NE India and Indo-China. (Other subspecies from Sri Lanka and peninsular India)