Pantoporia hordonia hordonia

Stoll 1790 - The Common Lascar

Koh Samui only.

Sexes similar.

This species is very similar to the members of Lasippa on the upperside. It is to be found at forest edges, and is uncommon.It can be identified from other members of the genus on Samui by having, on the upperside forewing, the inner submarginal line coloured gray, and the outer one, orange.

Flight Period

x   xxxxx  x    x


40 - 50mm

Early Stages

Fully known. More detailed life history information is available from the following resource: ButterflyCircle Blog (courtesy of Dr. Horace Tan.)

Larval Foodplant

Archidendron clypearia (Mimosaceae)


N. E. India to Indo-China and throughout the Malay Peninsular. Other subspecies from Sri Lanka, Indian peninsular, S. China and Taiwan, also Lesser Sunda Islands.