Cirrochroa tyche rotundata

Butler 1879 - The Common Yeoman

Koh Samui only. Its absence, so far from Koh Pha Ngan is very suprising.

This species is quite variable in the darkness of the black markings.

This is a very common butterfly, primarily of the forests, but can also be seen frequently in secondary vegetation, and even, occasionally, in gardens where it likes to feed on lantana flowers.

Flight Period



50 - 60mm

Early Stages

Fully known. More detailed life history information is available from the following resources: S. Igarishi - Life Histories of Asian Butterflies, Volume.2 , Page 451.

Larval Foodplant

Hydnocarpus ilicifolia (Flacourtiaceae)


N. E. India to the Malay Peninsular. Other subspecies in S. China, Sundaland and the Philippines.