Euthalia (Bassarona) teuta gupta

de Niceville 1886 - The Banded Marquis

Koh Samui only.

Previously, this species was placed under the Genus Bassarona, which is now only considered a sub-genus of Euthalia.

A forest dwelling species, which is not uncommon on Samui. There appears to be seasonal variation of the female, with the dry season form of female having less white spots on the forewing than the wet season form. Samui appears to be at the southern most limit of this subspecies.

Flight Period



60 - 80mm

Early Stages

Not known

Larval Foodplant

Not known


S. Burma, N. Peninsular Thailand. Other subspecies found in Assam, N. Burma and N. W. Thailand, S. Peninsular Thailand and the northen part of mainland Malaysia.