Jamides celeno aelianus

Fabricius 1793 - Common Caerulean

This species is the most commonly found of the genus on the Island. It belongs to the celeno subgroup, which are distinguished by having the underside forewing post-discal band continuous from veins 3 to 7.

It can be seen both on forest paths and also in secondary vegetation.

Flight Period



23 - 30mm

Early Stages

Detailed life history information is available from the following resources. S Igarishi - Life Histories of Asian Butterflies, Volume2, Page 568.

Larval Foodplant

Arbus precarorius, Butea frondosa, Pueraria phaseloides (all Papilionaceae)), Heynea trijuga (Meliaceae), Saraca indica and Saraca thaipingensis (both Caesalpiniaceae)


Pakistan, India, Southern Myanmar, Western and Peninsular Thailand and Malaysia. Other subspecies found in North-Eastern India, Nepal, Northern Myanmar and Northern Thailand, throught SE Asia to New Guinea and the New Hebrides.