Horaga chalcedonyx malaya

Corbet 1941- No common name

This is a new record for Thailand, and photographs from Koh Samui have been identified as being this species. It is very similar on the underside to H. albimacula, and the easiest way to differentiate the two is by the upperside, which is brown in H. albimacula, but dusted blue, basally, in H. chalcedonyx.

Fortunately for this site's owner, a specimen, unknown to him, had flown into his house, and was only found the next day, already dead. Accordingly, the specimen was set, and the blue basal scales were obvious.

This is a species found in secondary vegetation and is considered very rare.

Flight Period



20 mm

Early Stages

Not known

Larval Foodplant

Not known


Koh Samui, Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Other subspecies found further down ihe Indonesian archipelago and Borneo.