Deudorix diara

Swinhoe 1896- No common name

This species has only been found on Koh Samui once, and this is the first, and only, record for Thailand. It was originally photographed on 28 April 2012, but at that time was considered to be an aberration of the more common D. epijarbus. In January 2014, an identical specimen was photographed in Malaysia, again the first record for that country. Dr. Tek Lin Seow in Malaysia remembered the Samui photograph and undertook an investigation. It was only in April 2014, when he realised that both photos showed D. diara, and that the previous known range for the species was Assam, Myanmar, Sabah on Borneo and Java. These two new records fill in a large and previously baffling gap.

It is to be found just outside the limits of forested regions, in secondary vegetation and orchards.

Flight Period

x     x                


24 - 33mm

Early Stages


Larval Foodplant



Assam, Myanmar, Peninsular Thailand, West Malaysia, Borneo and Java.