Deramas nolens pasteuri.

Eliot 1978 - Orange-Crowned Bluejohn.

The identity of this species remain uncertain, though the concensus is that it is D. nolens. Originally thought to be. D. livens evansi, this was ruled out due to the orange tornal spots. Only a female has been collected here which also ruled out that species, as the upperside was entirely dark brown, with no trace of blue. This leaves either D. nolens or D. nelvis. The former is supposed to have the underside with a dirty buff colouring, with no red/purple wash. D. nelvis, however, has not been recorded from Thailand, and its female is still unknown. This problem will only be resolved when the upperside of a male is recorded.

This is a very rare species, found at the fringes of forests. Only two specimens have been seen on Samui.

The name English name for the genus, 'Bluejohn', relates to a blue semi-precious stone found in the Peak District in England.

Flight Period



26 - 28mm

Early Stages

Not known

Larval Foodplant

Not known


Dependant on the eventual identity of the species, but it would be limited to the Malay Peninsular to varying degrees. .