Chilades putli

Kollar 1844 - Small Grass Jewel

This species was previously known as Freyeria putli, but this genus is now included within Chilades.

A tiny species, recorded for the first time on these islands on Koh Pha Ngan on 22 November 2011. However, a previously unknown specimen has since been encountered, photographed on Samui in October 2008. The location of this small colony has been found, and is still in existance. However, its dependancy on a rare weed on the Island makes its viability a matter of concern. Discovering further colonies is a matter os some importance.

It is a species found in open areas, fields and roadsides.

Flight Period

                  x x x


12 - 16mm

Early Stages

Known. Detailed life history information is available from the following resources. S Igarishi - Life Histories of Asian Butterflies, Volume 2, Page 560.

Larval Foodplant

Indigofera hirsuta (Leguminosae)on Samui .


Sri Lanka to N. India, Myanmar and Central, Northern Thailand. Until now, the furthest south this species had been found was Pattaya.