Acytolepis puspa lambi

Distant 1882 - Common Hedge Blue

A very common species, frequently found in disturbed areas, and commonly found on paths imbibing mineral salts from damp patched (puddling).

Flight Period

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20 - 28mm

Early Stages

Detailed life history information is available from the following resources. S Igarishi - Life Histories of Asian Butterflies, Volume2, Page 565.

Larval Foodplant

Bridelia tomentosa (Euphorbiaceae), Cylista scariosa (Papilionaceae), Hiptage bengalensis (Malpigiaceae) Peltophorum pterocarpum (Caesalpiniaceae), Schleichera oleosa (Sapindaceae) and Xylia xylocarpa (Mimosaceae)


Malaysia, Singapore and Peninsular Thailand. Other subspecies in India, Myanmar and northern Thailand.