Tagiades vajuna vajuna

Fruhstorfer 1910 - Water Snow Flat

The rarest, and smallest, of the member of this genus on Samui. Only seen in dense forest.

This species was previously known as Tagiades litigiosa, but the type specimen was discovered to belong to yet another species, T. menaka, and so the name T. litigiosa in now considered a junior synonym of T. menaka. Accordingly, the later name for this species given by Fruhstorfer is now considered correct.

Flight Period



35 - 40mm.

Early Stages

Known. For further details, see Life Histories of Asian Butterflies, volume 1, page 528.

Larval Foodplant

Dioscorea bulbifera and Dioscorea hispida (both Dioscoreaceae)


India, Myanmar, Thailand, Northernmost part of West Malaysia, Indo-China and S. China. Other subspecies in Sri Lanka and the Andaman Is.