Hasora mavis

Evans 1934 - Perak Banded Awl

This is, without doubt, the rarest butterfly to be found on Samui

The butterfly was first described from Perak, Malaysia in 1934, and then remained unseen until Masashi Maruyama captured a specimen on Samui in May 1989. It then, again, disappeared until the female, opposite, was seen by this site's owner in April 2010. Three further sightings of this species have since been made by this site's author, making a total of 6 known specimens! All the specimens have been females, the male remains undescribed from the Peninsular.

The photo of a male, opposite is NOT a certainty.

This species is distinguished by having, on the upperside hindwings, the basal area heavily clothed with straw-coloured hairs. Also, the white stripe on the underside hindwing is the broadest of all Thai species in this Genus.

Flight Period

      x     x     x    



Early Stages

Not known.

Larval Foodplant

Not known.


Currently only known from Koh Samui and, in 1934, Perak, Malaysia. The species is also reported from the Philippines.