Celaenorrhinus aurivittatus cameroni

Distant 1882 - Dark Yellow-Banded Flat

A very common forest species, which will be encountered on any walk through forested areas.

There is a body of opinion which considers this subspecies as a distinct species in its own right, Celaenorrhinus cameroni, based on small differences in the male genitalia. I have not seen the paper showing these differences, and there is no sympatry between the two subspecies which would necessitate the creation of the new species.

I am, therefore, keeping its current status for the time being, whilst noting the possibility of the change.

Flight Period



31 - 42mm

Early Stages

Fully known. For further information see Life Histories of Asian Butterflies, volume 2, page 637.

Larval Foodplant

Strobilanthes collinus (Acanthaceae)


Peninsular Thailand, West Malaysia and S. Myanmar. Other subspecies found in the rest of Thailand, NE India, Myanmar, Vietnam, S. China and also Sumatra and Borneo.