Caprona alida alida

de Niceville 1891 - The Yellow Spotted Angle

Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan.

An uncommon species, where it can be found in dry, sunny fields. It prefers to fly low to the ground. The dry season (January to early April)is so unlike the more frequently seen wet season form that it could easily be mistaken for a completely different butterfly.

It is at the southernmost part of its range on the Islands.

Although this species belongs to the 'Flats', it is not unusual to find this species resting with its wings closed.

Flight Period

x     x   x     x      


34 - 38mm

Early Stages

Not known .

Larval Foodplant

Not known.


Thailand, N. India, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Other subspecies occur in India and Sri Lanka .