Euploea phaenareta castelnaui

C & R Felder 1865 - The Great Crow

Koh samui and Koh Pha Ngan.

The largest of the Euploea group found in Thailand. Originally, this species was considered to be a butterfly of the Mangrove swamps. However, with the dramatic increase in population, and the corresponding increase in gardens, it can now be found wherever its foodplant, the PongPong tree (a popular ornamental tree) is grown.

A common visitor to gardens.

Flight Period

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90 - 105mm

Early Stages

Fully known. More detailed life history information is available from the following resource: ButterflyCircle Blog (courtesy of Dr. Horace Tan.)

Larval Foodplant

Cerbera odonllam (PongPong Tree) and Cerbera manghas (Apocynaceae)


Sri Lanka, India through Burma, the Malay Peninsular along the Archipelago to Australia and the Bismarck Islands.