Danaus affinis malayanus

Fruhstorfer 1899 - The Malay Tiger

Koh Samui only.

This is the rarest species of the Orange Tigers to be found on Samui. It is only found near to large areas of Mangrove swamps, of which there is very little left on the Island. This species has only been seen in one small area of Mangrove by the International Airport, and also one even smaller area on the west coast on the Island, which is undergoing extensive development, and may not last much longer.

It can be mistaken for Danaus melanippus, but can be distinguished by the much reduced white markings on the hindwings, which also display some orange markings, the same colour as the forewing.

Flight Period

x              xx x x


60 - 70mm

Early Stages

Partially known

Larval Foodplant

, Ischnostemma selangorica (Asclepiadacea) - a very poisonous plant that grows in lowland Peninsular Malaya


Southern Peninsular Thailand and Westcoast Mainland Malaysia (Other subspecies on Nicobar Islands, The Indonesian Archipelago)