On the following pages are photographs of butterflies photographed during my travels through S.E. Asia:

West Malaysia
Sulawesi - North-East


» Peninsular (Ranong/Chumphon South to Malay border)
» Mainland (North of the Peninsular)-Provinces visited, Phechaburi, Phitsanulok, Phetchabun, Chiang Mai.

Species index:: A list of all the species photographed and shown on the site, with the countries where I have come across them. Where species have been seen in more than one country, photos are only shown for the country where first seen, coloured red. Subspecies names are in green , and photos will only be shown where there are substantial differences between the subspecies.

If you just wish to see a particular species, click on that species name.

Species Subspecies/Country
Atrophaneura adamsoni
ssp. takakoae- SAMUIssp. adamsoni- Thailand (Mainland)
Atrophaneura aidoneus
Thailand (Mainland)
Atrophaneura dasarada
ssp. barata- Thailand (Mainland)
Atrophaneura nox
ssp. noctis- Sabah
Atrophaneura polyeuctes
ssp. polyeuctes- Thailand (Mainland)
Atrophaneura varuna
ssp. varuna- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. zaleucus- Thailand (Mainland)
Graphium agamemnon
ssp. agamemnon- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Graphium agetes
ssp. agetes- Thailand (Peninsular)
Graphium antiphates
ssp. itamputi- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Graphium aristeus
ssp. hermocrates- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Graphium arycles
ssp. arycles- Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Graphium bathycles
ssp. bathycloides- West Malaysia, Sabah
Graphium chironides
ssp. chironides- Thailand (Mainland)
Graphium delessertii
ssp. delessertii- Thailand (Peninsular)
Graphium doson
ssp. evemonides- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. axionides- Thailand (Mainland)
Graphium eurous
ssp. inthanon- Thailand (Mainland)
Graphium eurypylus
ssp. pamphylus- Sulawesi,ssp. mecisteus- West Malaysia
Graphium evemon
ssp. eventus- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular), Sabah
Graphium macareus
ssp. perakensis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. burmensis- Thailand (Mainland)
Graphium mandarinus
ssp. kimurai- Thailand (Mainland)ssp. fangana- Thailand (Mainland)
Graphium megarus ssp. megapenthes- SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Graphium nomius
ssp. swinhoei- SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Graphium ramaceus
ssp. pendleburyi- Thailand (Peninsular)
Graphium sarpedon
ssp. sarpedon- SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland), Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia
Graphium xenocles
ssp. kephisos- Thailand (Mainland), Thailand (Peninsular)
Lamproptera curius
ssp. curius- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Lamproptera meges
ssp. meges- Sabah, ssp. virescens- West Malaysia, Thailand (Mainland) ssp. ennius- Sulawesi
Losaria coon
ssp. doubledayi- Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Losaria neptunus
ssp. neptunus- Thailand (Peninsular)
Meandrusa payeni
ssp. langsonensis- Thailand (Mainland)
Papilio agestor
ssp. agestor- Thailand (Mainland)
Papilio alcmenor
ssp. alcmenor- Thailand (Mainland)
Papilio arcturus
ssp. arcturus- Thailand (Mainland)
Pachlipta aristolochiae
ssp. asteris- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Papilio ascalaphus
ssp. ascalaphus- Sulawesi
Papilio castor
ssp. mahadeva- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Papilio clytia
ssp. clytia- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Papilio demoleus
ssp. malayanus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Sabah
Papilio demolion
ssp. demolion- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore.
Papilio epycides
ssp. hypochra- Thailand (Mainland)
Papilio gigon
ssp. gigon- Sulawesi
Papilio helenus
ssp. helenus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Papilio iswara
ssp. iswara- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Papilio memnon
ssp. agenor- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia
Papilio nephalus
ssp. sunatus- West Malaysia ssp. albolineatus- Sabah ssp. annulus- Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. chaon- Thailand (Mainland)
Papilio palinurus
ssp. palinurus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Papilio paradoxa
ssp. aenigma- Thailand (Peninsular)
Papilio paris
ssp. paris- Thailand (Mainland)
Papilio peranthus
ssp. insulicola- Sulawesi
Papilio polytes
ssp. romulus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia
Papilio prexaspes
ssp. prexaspes- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. pitmani- Thailand (Mainland)
Papilio protenor
ssp. euprotenor- Peninsular (Mainland)
Papilio slateri
ssp. slateri- Peninsular (Mainland)ssp. marginata- Peninsular (Mainland)
Trogonoptera brookiana
ssp. albescens- West Malaysia ssp. mollumar-West Malaysia ssp. brookiana-Sabah
Troides aeacus
ssp. aeacus- Thailand (Mainland)
Troides amphrysus
ssp. flavicollis- Sabah, ssp. ruficollis-West Malaysia
Troides helena
ssp. cerberus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia and Singaporessp. mosychlus- Sabah
Appias albina
ssp. darada- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Appias galba
Thailand (Mainland)
Appias hombroni
ssp. hombroni- Sulawesi
Appias indra
ssp. plana- West Malaysia ssp. thronion- Thailand (Mainland) ssp. indra- Thailand (Mainland)
Appias lalage
ssp. lalage- Thailand (Mainland)
Appias lalassis
ssp. lalassis- Thailand (Mainland)
Appias lyncida
ssp. vasava- SAMUI , Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. enarete- Sabah ssp. eleanora- Thailand (Mainland)
Appias olferna
ssp. olferna- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Appias nero
ssp. figulina- Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Appias pandione
ssp. lagela- Thailand (Mainland)
Appias paulina
ssp. distanti- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Appias zarinda
ssp. zarinda- Sulawesi
Artogeia canidia
ssp. canidia- Thailand (Mainland), Thailand (Peninsular)
Artogeia erutae
ssp. montana- Thailand (Mainland)
Artogeia rapae
ssp. crucivora- Thailand (Mainland)
Catopsilia pomona
ssp. pomona- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Catopsilia pyranthe
ssp. pyranthe- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Catopsilia scylla
ssp. cornelia- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Cepora celebensis
ssp. celebensis- Sulawesi
Cepora iudith
ssp. malaya- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. lea- Thailand (Mainland)
Cepora nadina
ssp. nadina- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Cepora nerissa
ssp. daphna- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Cepora timnatha
ssp. timnatha- Sulawesi
Delias acalis
ssp. pyramus- Thailand (Mainland)
Delias agostina
ssp. agostina- Thailand (Mainland)
Delias baracasa
ssp. dives- West Malaysia
Delias belladonna
ssp. hedybia- Thailand (Mainland)
Delias berinda
ssp. yedanula- Thailand (Mainland)
Delias descombesi
ssp. eranthos- SAMUI, West Malaysiassp. descombesi- Thailand (Mainland)
Delias hyparete
ssp. metarete- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. indica- Thailand (Mainland)
Delias ninus
ssp. ninus- West Malaysia
Delias pasithoe
ssp. parthenope- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. pasithoe- Thailand (Mainland)
Delias rosenbergi
ssp. rosenbergi- Sulawesi
Delias singhapura
ssp. singhapura- Thailand (Peninsular)
Delias zebuda
Dercas verhuelli
ssp. doubledayi- Thailand (Mainland)
Eurema ada
ssp. iona- West Malaysiassp. indosinica- Thailand (Mainland)
Eurema alitha
ssp. alitha- Sulawesi
Eurema andersoni
ssp. andersoni- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Eurema blanda
ssp. blanda- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Eurema brigitta
ssp. hainana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Eurema hecabe
ssp. hecabe- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Eurema laeta
ssp. pseudolaeta- Thailand (Mainland)
Eurema nicevillei
ssp. nicevillei- Sabah, Thailand (Peninsular)
Eurema novapallida
ssp. novapallida- Thailand (Mainland)
Eurema sari
ssp. sodalis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Eurema simulatrix
ssp. tecmessa- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. sarinoides- Thailand (Mainland)
Gandaca harina
ssp. distanti- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysiassp. burmana- Cambodia, Thailand (Mainland)
Hebomoia glaucippe
ssp. glaucippe- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysiassp. celebensis- Sulawesi
Ixias alticola
West Malaysia
Ixias pyrene
ssp. verna- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)ssp. undata- Sabahssp. yunnanensis- Thailand (Mainland)
Leptosia nina
ssp. nina- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)ssp. malayana- West Malaysia, Singapore
Pareronia anais
ssp. anais- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Pareronia tritaea
ssp. tritaea- Sulawesi
Pareronia valeria
ssp. lutescens- Sabah, West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Prioneris cornelia
Prioneris philonome
ssp. themana- West Malaysia ssp. clemanthe- Cambodia, Thailand (Mainland)
Prioneris thestylis
ssp. thestylis- Thailand (Mainland)
Saletera panda
ssp. distanti- Sabah, West Malaysia
Udaiana aegis
ssp. cynis- West Malaysia
Danaus affinis
ssp. malayanus- SAMUI
Danaus chrysippus
ssp. chrysippus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia
Danaus genutia
ssp. genutia- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysiassp. leucoglene- Sulawesi
Danaus ismare
ssp. alba- Sulawesi
Danaus melanippus
ssp. hegesippus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Euploea algea
ssp. kirbyi- Sulawesi ssp. menetresii- West Malaysia
Euploea camaralzeman
ssp. camaralzeman- Thailand (Mainland) ssp. malayica- Thailand (Peninsular)
Euploea core
ssp. graminifera- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Euploea crameri
ssp. bremeri- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Euploea doubledayi
ssp. doubledayi- Thailand (Mainland)
Euploea eunice
ssp. leucogonis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Euploea klugii
ssp. erichsonii- SAMUI
Euploea mulciber
ssp. mulciber- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Euploea phaenareta
ssp. castelnaui- SAMUI
Euploea radamanthus
ssp. radamanthus- Singapore, West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), Cambodia ssp. lowei-Sabah
Euploea sylverster
ssp. harrisii- SAMUI
Euploea tulliolus
ssp. ledereri- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Euploea westwoodii
ssp. westwoodii- Sulawesi
Idea blanchardii
ssp. blanchardii- Sulawesi
Idea lynceus
ssp. lynceus- Thailand (Peninsular)
Idea stolli
ssp. alcine- Sabah
Ideopsis gaura
ssp. perakana- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Ideopsis juventa
ssp. tontoliensis- Sulawesi
Ideopsis similis
ssp. persimilis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Ideopsis vitrea
ssp. vitrea- Sulawesi
Ideopsis vulgaris
ssp. macrina- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singapore
Parantica aglea
ssp. melanoides- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Parantica agleoides
ssp. agleoides- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Parantica aspasia
ssp. aspasia- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Parantica cleona
ssp. luciplena- Sulawesi
Parantica melaneus
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Parantica sita
ssp. ethologa- West Malaysia ssp. sita- Thailand (Mainland)
Tirumala limniace
ssp. limniace- Thailand (Mainland)
Tirumala septentrionis
ssp. septentrionis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Coelites epiminthia
ssp. epiminthia- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Coelites nothis
ssp. nothis- Thailand (Mainland)
Elymnias dara
ssp. darina- Thailand (Peninsular)
Elymnias hicetas
ssp. hicetas- Sulawesi
Elymnias hypermnestra
ssp. tinctoria- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. meridionalis- Thailand (Mainland)
Elymnias malelas
ssp. malelas- Thailand (Peninsular)
Elymnias nesaea
ssp. lionelli- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. timandra- Thailand (Mainland)
Elymnias obnubila
Elymnias panthera
ssp. panthera- Singapore, West Malaysia
Elymnias patna
ssp. stictica- Thailand (Mainland) ssp. patna- Thailand (Mainland)
Elymnias penanga
ssp. chelensis- Thailand (Mainland)
Elymnias vasudeva
ssp. burmensis- Thailand (Mainland)
Erites angularis
ssp. angularis- Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Erites argentina
ssp. delia- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. argentina- Sabah
Erites elegans
ssp. elegans- Sabah, ssp. distincta- West Malaysia
Erites medura
ssp. rotundata- Thailand (Peninsular)
Ethope diademoides
ssp. hislopi- Thailand (Peninsular)
Ethope noirei
Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe chandica
ssp. chandica- Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe confusa
Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe europa
ssp. malaya- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. niladana- SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe gulnihal
ssp. peguana- Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe kansa
ssp. kansa - Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe latiaris
ssp. perimele- Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe mekara
ssp. gopaka- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. crijnana- SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe minerva
ssp. tritogeneia- Thailand (Peninsular)
Lethe naga
Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe rohria
ssp. rohria- Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe sura
Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe verma
ssp. robinsoni- West Malaysia ssp. stenopa- Thailand (Mainland)
Lethe vindhya
ssp. vindhya- Thailand (Mainland)
Lohora opthalmicus
Mandarinia regalis
baronesa- Thailand (Mainland)
Melanitis leda
ssp. leda- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Melanitis phedima
ssp. abdullae- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. ganapati- Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis adamsoni
Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis anapita
ssp. anapita- Sabah, West Malaysia
Mycalesis anaxias
ssp. aemate- Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis annamitica
ssp. annamitica- Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis francisca
ssp. sanatana- Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis fusca
ssp. fusca- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singapore
Mycalesis gotama
ssp. charaka- Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis intermedia
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Mycalesis janardana
ssp. sagittigera- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. baluna- Sabah, ssp. opaculus- Sulawesi
Mycalesis maianeas
ssp. maianeas- West Malaysia
Mycalesis malsara
Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis mineus
ssp. macromalayana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Mycalesis mnasicles
ssp. perna- Cambodia, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis nicotia
Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis oroatis
ssp. ustulata- West Malaysia
Mycalesis orseis
ssp. nautilus- SAMUI, West Malaysiassp. borneensis-Sabah
Mycalesis patiana
ssp. patiana- West Malaysia, Sabah
Mycalesis perseoides
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Mycalesis perseus
cepheus-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. tabitha-thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis sangaica
tunicula-Thailand (Mainland)
Mycalesis visala
phamis-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. visala-Thailand (Mainland)
Neope muirheadi
ssp. bhima- Thailand (Mainland)
Neope pulaha
ssp. pulahoides- Thailand (Mainland)
Neorina crishna
ssp. archaica- Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Neorina lowii
ssp. neophyta- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Neorina patria
ssp. westwoodii- Thailand (Mainland)
Orinoma damaris
damaris- Thailand (Mainland)
Orsotriaena medus
medus-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Penthema darlisa
ssp. melema- Thailand (Mainland)
Ragadia crisilda
ssp. crisilda- Thailand (Mainland)
Ragadia makuta
ssp. siponta- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. umbrata- Sabah
Xanthotaenia busiris
busiris-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Ypthima akbar
Thailand (Mainland)
Ypthima baldus
newboldi-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsluar), West Malaysia, Singaporebaldus-Thailand (Mainland)
Ypthima confusa
Thailand (Mainland)
Ypthima dohertyi
ssp. dohertyi- Thailand (Mainland)
Ypthima evansi
ssp. evansi- Thailand (Mainland)
Ypthima fasciata
ssp. fasciata- Sabah ssp. torone-West Malaysia
Ypthima horsfieldii
Ypthima heubneri
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Ypthima kalelonda
ssp. kalelonda- Sulawesi
Ypthima loryma
Ypthima nebulosa
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Ypthima nynias
ssp. nynias- Sulawesi
Ypthima pandocus
ssp. corticaria- Singapore, West Malaysia ssp. sertorius- Sabah
Ypthima savara
ssp. savara- Cambodia
Ypthima watsoni
Aemona amathusia
ssp. amathusia- Thailand (Mainland)
Aemona lena
Thailand (Mainland)
Amathusia masina
ssp. malaya- Thailand (Peninsular)
Amathusia ochraceofusca
ssp. ochraceofusca- Thailand (Peninsular)
Amathusia perakana
ssp. perakana- West Malaysia
Amathusia phidippus
ssp. phidippus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia
Amathusia virgata
ssp. thoanthea- Sulawesi
Amathuxidia amythaon
ssp. dilucida- West Malaysia
Amathuxidia plateni
Discophora deo
ssp. deo- Thailand (Mainland)
Discophora sondaica
ssp. despoliata- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. zal- Thailand (Mainland)
Discophora timora
ssp. timora- Cambodia
Enispe cycnus
ssp. cycnus-Thailand (Mainland)
Enispe duranius
ssp. intermedia-Thailand (Mainland)ssp. corbeti- Thailand (Peninsular)
Faunis canens
ssp. arcilas- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Faunis gracilis
ssp. gracilis- West Malaysia, Sabah, Thailand (Peninsular)
Faunis kirata
Faunis menado
ssp. menado- Sulawesi
Melanocyma faunula
ssp. faunula- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Stichophthalma louisa
ssp. mathilda-Thailand (Mainland)
Thaumantis diores
ssp. diores- Thailand (Mainland)
Thaumantis klugius
ssp. lucipor- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Thauria aliris
ssp. pseudaliris- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. intermedia- Thailand (Mainland)
Thauria lathyi
ssp. gabrieli- Thailand (Mainland)
Zeuxidia amethystus
ssp. amethystus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Zeuxidia doubledayi
ssp. doubledayi- Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Zeuxidia masoni
Thailand (Mainland)
Acraea issoria
ssp. sordice- Thailand (Mainland)
Acraea violae
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singapore
Agatasa calydonia
ssp. calydonia- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. belisama- Thailand (Mainland)
Argyreus hyperbius
ssp. hyperbius- Thailand (Mainland)
Ariadne ariadne
ssp. pallidor-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Ariadne merione
ssp. ginosa-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Athyma asura
ssp. asura- Thailand (Mainland)
Athyma cama
ssp. cama- Thailand (Mainland)
Athyma kanwa
ssp. kanwa-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Athyma larymna
ssp. siamensis- Thailand (Mainland)
Athyma libnates
ssp. libnates- Sulawesi
Athyma nefte
ssp. subrata-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia ssp. asita- Thailand (Mainland)
Athyma opalina
ssp. shan- Thailand (Mainland)
Athyma perius
ssp. perius-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Athyma pravana
ssp. helma- Singapore, West Malaysia ssp. pravana- Sabah ssp. indosinica- Thailand (Mainland)
Athyma reta
ssp. kresna- Sabah
Athyma ranga
ssp. obsolescens- Peninsular (Mainland)
Athyma selenophora
ssp. bahula- Thailand (Mainland)ssp. amharina- Thailand (Peninsular)
Athyma whitei?
Thailand (Mainland)
Athyma zeroca
ssp. galaesus- Thailand (Mainland)
Bhagadatta austenia
ssp. austenia- Thailand (Mainland)
Calinaga buddha
ssp. sudassana- Thailand (Mainland)
Cethosia biblis
ssp. perakana-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular),West Malaysiassp. biblis- Thailand (Mainland)
Cethosia cyane
ssp. euanthes-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singapore
Cethosia hypsea
ssp. hypsina- Singapore, West Malaysia ssp. hypsea- Sabah
Cethosia methypsea
ssp. methypsea-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Cethosia myrina
ssp. myrina- Sulawesi
Charaxes affinis
ssp. affinis- Sulawesi
Charaxes aristogiton
ssp. aristogiton- Thailand (Mainland)
Charaxes bernadus
ssp. crepax-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia ssp. hierax- Thailand (Mainland)
Charaxes durnfordi
ssp. durnfordi- West Malaysia
Charaxes solon
ssp. sulphureus- Peninsular (Mainland) ssp. echo- Sabah
Chersonesia intermedia
ssp. intermedia-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Chersonesia peraka
ssp. peraka-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Chersonesia rahria
ssp. rahria-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Chersonesia rahrioides
Thailand ( Mainland)
Chersonesia risa
risa- Thailand ( Mainland)
Chitoria naga
Thailand (Mainland)
Cirrochroa emelea
ssp. emelea-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Cirrochroa malaya
ssp. calypso- Sabah
Cirrochroa orissa
ssp. orissa- West Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand (Peninsular)
Cirrochroa satellita
ssp. satellita- West Malaysia ssp. illergata- Sabah
Cirrochroa surya
ssp. siamensis- Thailand (Peninsular)
Cirrochroa tyche
ssp. rotundata-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Cupha erymanthis
ssp. erymanthis-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Cynitia cocytina
ssp. puseda- Singapore, Thailand (Peninsular)
Cynitia flora
ssp. andersonii- Thailand (Peninsular)
Cynitia godartii
ssp. asoka- Thailand (Peninsular)
Cynitia lepidea
ssp. cognata- Cambodia ssp. sthavara- Thailand (Mainland)
Cyrestis heracles
ssp. heracles- Sulawesi
Cyrestis cocles
ssp. earli-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Cyrestis maenalis
ssp. martini- West Malaysia
Cyrestis nivea
ssp. nivalis- Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular), Sabah
Cyrestis strigata
ssp. strigata- Sulawesi
Cyrestis themire
ssp. themire-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Cyrestis thyodamas
ssp. thyodamas-SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Cyrestis thyonneus
ssp. celebensis- Sulawesi
Dichorragia nesimachus
ssp. nesimachus- Thailand (Mainland)ssp. machates- Thailand (Peninsular)
Doleschallia bisaltide
ssp. pratipa-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. continentalis- Thailand (Mainland)
Doleschallia polybete
ssp. celebensis- Sulawesi
Dryas iulia
ssp. UNKNOWN-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Eulacera osteria
ssp. kumana- Singapore, West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Euripus consimilis
ssp. eurinus- Thailand (Mainland)
Euripus nyctelius
ssp. nyctelius- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Euthalia aconthea
ssp. gurda- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia ssp. garuda- Thailand (Mainland)
Euthalia adonia
ssp. beata- SAMUI
Euthalia alpheda
ssp. verena- Thailand (Mainland)ssp. yamuna- Thailand (Peninsular)
Euthalia amanda
ssp. amanda- Sulawesi
Euthalia dunya
ssp. dunya-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Euthalia evelina
ssp. compta- Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland) ssp. magama- Sabah
Euthalia franciae
ssp. raja- Thailand (Mainland)
Euthalia lubentina
ssp. lubentina- Thailand (Mainland)
Euthalia malaccana
ssp. malaccana- Thailand (Peninsular)
Euthalia monina
ssp. monina- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. kesava- Thailand (Mainland)
Euthalia patala
ssp. taooana- Thailand (Mainland)
Euthalia phemius
ssp. phemius- Thailand (Mainland)ssp. ipona- Samui, Thailand (Peninsular)
Euthalia recta
ssp. monilis- West Malaysia, Thailand (Mainland)
Euthalia teuta
ssp. gupta- SAMUIssp. goodrichi- West Malaysia ssp. rayana- Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. teuta- Thailand (Mainland)
Herona marathus
ssp. angustata- SAMUI ssp. marathus- Thailand (Mainland)
Hestina nama
ssp. nama- Thailand (Mainland)
Hestina persimilis
ssp. persimilis- Thailand (Mainland)
Hestinalis divona
Hypolimnas anomala
ssp. anomala- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. interstincta-Sabah, ssp. stellata-Sulawesi
Hypolimnas bolina
ssp. jacintha- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Hypolimnas diomea
ssp. diomea- Sulawesi
Hypolimnas misippus
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Junonia almana
ssp. javana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Junonia atlites
ssp. atlites- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Junonia hierta
ssp. hierta- Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), Cambodia
Junonia hedonia
ssp. ida- Singaporessp. intermedia- Sulawesi
Junonia iphita
ssp. horsfieldi- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysiassp. viridis- Sabah
Junonia lemonias
ssp. lemonias- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Junonia orithya
ssp. wallacei- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Kallima inachus
siamensis- Thailand (Mainland)
Kallima limborgi
Thailand (Peninsular)
Kaniska canace
ssp. perakana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. canace- Thailand (Mainland)
Lamasia lyncides
ssp. lyncides- Sulawesi
Laringa castelnaui
ssp. castelnaui- Thailand (Peninsular)
Laringa horsfieldi
ssp. glaucescens- Thailand (Mainland)
Lasippa heliodore
ssp. heliodore- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Lasippa tiga
ssp. siaka- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Lebadea martha
ssp. malayana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysiassp. martha- Thailand (Mainland)
Lexias aeetes
ssp. aeetes- Sulawesi
Lexias canescens
ssp. pardalis- Thailand (Peninsular)
Lexias dirtea
ssp. merguia- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. bontouxi- Thailand (Mainland)
Lexias pardalis
ssp. dirteana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. jadeitina- Thailand (Mainland)
Libythea geoffroy
ssp. celebensis- Sulawesi
Libythea myrrha
ssp. sanguinalis- Peninsular (Mainland)
Libythea narina
ssp. rohini- Peninsular (Mainland)
Mimathyma ambica
ssp. miranda- Thailand (Mainland)
Mimathyma chevana
ssp. chevana- Thailand (Mainland)
Moduza lymire
ssp. lymire- Sulawesi
Moduxa procris
ssp. milonia- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. procris- Thailand (Mainland), Cambodia
Neptis ananta
ssp. learmondi- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis anjana
ssp. decerna- Thailand (Peninsular)
Neptis cartica
ssp. burmana- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis clinia
ssp. leuconata- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Neptis duryodana
ssp. duryodana- Sabah ssp. nesia-Thailand (Peninsular)
Neptis harita
ssp. harita- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Neptis hylas
ssp. papaja- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia ssp. kamarupa-Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis ida
ssp. ida- Sulawesi
Neptis jumbah
ssp. jumbah- Thailand (Peninsular)
Neptis leucoporos
ssp. cresina- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Neptis magadha
ssp. magadha- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis miah
ssp. batara- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Neptis namba
ssp. namba- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis nashona
ssp. aagaardi- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis nata
ssp. adipala- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis omeroda
ssp. omeroda- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Neptis sankara
ssp. guiltoides- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis sappho
ssp. astola- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis soma
ssp. shania- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis yerburii
ssp. pandoces- Thailand (Mainland)
Neptis zaida
ssp. inayoshii- Thailand (Mainland)
Paduca fasciata
ssp. fasciata- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Pandita sinope
ssp. sinope- Sabah
Pantoporia aurelia
ssp. aurelia-Thailand (Peninsular)
Pantoporia hordonia
ssp. hordonia- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Pantoporia paraka
ssp. paraka- SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Pantoporia sandaka
ssp. davidsoni- Thailand (Mainland)
Parasarpa dudu
ssp. philosus- Thailand (Mainland)
Parthenos sylvia
ssp. lilacinus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. apicalis- Thailand (Mainland)ssp. salentia- Sulawesi ssp. borneensis- Sabah
Phaedyma columella
ssp. martabana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Phalanta alcippe
ssp. alcippoides- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Phalanta phalantha
ssp. phalantha- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Polyura arja
ssp. arja- Thailand (Mainland)
Polyura athamas
ssp. athamas- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Polyura cognatus
ssp. cognatus- Sulawesi
Polyura delphis
ssp. concha- West Malaysia
Polyura dolon
ssp. grandis- Thailand (Mainland)
Polyura eudamippus
ssp. eudamippus- Thailand (Mainland)
Polyura hebe
ssp. chersonesa- Singapore, West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. ganymedes-Sabah
Polyura jalysus
ssp. triphonia- Sabah ssp. jalysus-West Malaysia, Thailand (Mainland)
Polyura nepenthes
ssp. nepenthes- Thailand (Mainland)
Polyura schreiber
ssp. malayicus- Sabahssp. assamensis- Thailand (Mainland)
Prothoe franck
ssp. uniformis- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular & Mainland)ssp. vilma- Thailand (Mainland)
Pseudergolis wedah
ssp. wedah- Thailand (Mainland)
Rhinopalpa polynice
ssp. polynice- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Rohana parisatis
ssp. pseudosiamensis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Rohana parvata
ssp. burmana- Thailand (Mainland)
Sephisa chandra
ssp. chandra- Thailand (Mainland)
Stibochiona nicea
ssp. nicea- Thailand (Mainland)
Sumalia daraxa
ssp. daraxa- Thailand (Mainland)
Symbrenthia hippoclus
ssp. clausus- Sulawesi
Symbrenthia hypatia
ssp. chersonesia- Thailand (Peninsular)
Symbrenthia hypselis
ssp. sinis- Thailand (Mainland)
Symbrenthia lilaea
ssp. luciana- Thailand (Mainland) ssp. lilaea- Thailand (Mainland)
Tanaecia aruna
ssp. aruna- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Tanaecia cocytus
ssp. cocytus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Tanaecia jahnu
ssp. jahnides- Cambodia, Thailand (Mainland)
Tanaecia julii
ssp. xiphiones- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Tanaecia munda
ssp. ?- Sabah
Tanaecia orphne
Tanaecia palguna
ssp. consanguinea- SAMUI
Tanaecia pelea
ssp. pelea- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Terinos atlita
ssp. teuthras-Thailand (Peninsular)
Terinos clarissa
ssp. malayana- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. falcata- Thailand (Mainland)
Terinos terpander
ssp. robertsia- Singapore, West Malaysia, Thailand(Peninsular) ssp. intermedia-Cambodia ssp. terpander-Sabah
Vagrans sinha
ssp. sinha- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Vanessa cardui
Vanessa indica
ssp. indica- Thailand (Mainland)
Vindula dejone
ssp. erotella- Singapore, West Malaysia ssp. dajakorum-Sabah, ssp. celebensis-Sulawesi
Vindula erota
ssp. erota- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Abisara abnormis
Thailand ( Mainland)
Abisara bifasciata
ssp. angulata-Thailand ( Mainland)
Abisara echerius
ssp. bugiana- Sulawesi ssp. paiona- Thailand (Mainland)
Abisara freda
ssp. freda- Thailand ( Mainland)
Abisara fylla
ssp. fylla- Thailand ( Mainland)
Abisara geza
ssp. niya- SAMUI, Singapore
Abisara kausambi
ssp. kausambi- SAMUI
Abisara neophron
ssp. chelina- West Malaysia
Abisara saturata
ssp. maya- SAMUI
Abisara savitri
ssp. savitri- SAMUI
Dodona deodata
ssp. deodata- Thailand (Mainland)
Dodona dipoea
ssp. dracon- Thailand (Mainland)
Dodona egeon ssp. egeon- Thailand (Mainland)
Dodona ouida
ssp. ouida- Thailand (Mainland)
Laxita thuisto
ssp. thuisto- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. ephorus- Thailand (Mainland)
Paralaxita damajanti
ssp. damajanti- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. lola- Sabah
Paralaxita orphna
ssp. laocoon- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. orphna- Sabah
Paralaxita telesia
ssp. lyclene- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Stiboges elodinia
Thailand ( Mainland)
Stiboges nymphidia
ssp. nymphidia- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Taxila haquinus
ssp. haquinus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Zemeros emesoides
ssp. emesoides- West Malaysia ssp. eso- Sabah
Zemeros flegyas
ssp. allica- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland) ssp. albipunctatus- West Malaysia ssp. hostias- Sabah
Acytolepis puspa
ssp. lambi- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia ssp. gisca- Thailand (Mainland)
Acytolepis ripte
Allotinus corbeti
ssp. corbeti- West Malaysia
Allotinus drumila
ssp. apthonius- Thailand ( Mainland)
Allotinus fabius
ssp. arrius- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Allotinus horsfieldi
ssp. horsfieldi- West Malaysia
Allotinus leogoron
ssp. normani- Sabah ssp. leogoron- West Malaysia
Allotinus sarrastes
West Malaysia
Allotinus strigatus
ssp. malayanus- West Malaysia
Allotinus substrigosus
ssp. substrigosus- Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Allotinus unicolor
ssp. unicolor- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Amblypodia anita
ssp. anita- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Amblypodia narada
ssp. taooana- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Ancema blanka
ssp. blanka- Sabahssp. minturna- Thailand (Mainland)
Ancema ctesia
ssp. ctesia- Thailand (Mainland)
Anthene emolus
ssp. goberus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. emolus- Thailand (Mainland)
Anthene licates
ssp. dusuntua- West Malaysia
Anthene lycaenina
ssp. miya- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular, West Malaysiassp. lycambes- Cambodia ssp. unnamed- Sulawesi
Araotes lapithis
ssp. uruwela- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala abseus
ssp. ophiala- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. indicus- Thailand (Mainland)
Arhopala aedias
ssp. agnis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Arhopala agaba
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala agrata
ssp. agrata- Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala aida
ssp. aida- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala alaconia
ssp. media- SAMUI
Arhopala alax
Thailand ( Mainland)
Arhopala alitaeus
ssp. mirabella- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala amantes
ssp. amatrix- Thailand (Mainland)
Arhopala ammon
ssp. ammon- Singapore, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala ammonides
ssp. ammonides- Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala amphimuta
ssp. amphimuta- Singapore, West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala anthelus
ssp. grahami- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. anthea- Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala antimuta
ssp. antimuta- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. timana- Sabah
Arhopala ariana
ssp. ariana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala ariel
Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala asinarus
ssp. tonguva- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala athada
ssp. athada- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala atosia
ssp. malayana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Arhopala atrax
Thailand ( Mainland)
Arhopala aurelia
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala avathina
ssp. avathina- Sabah
Arhopala baluensis
Arhopala bazaloides
ssp. bazaloides- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala bazalus
ssp. teesta- Thailand ( Mainland)
Arhopala birmana
ssp. birmana- Thailand ( Mainland)
Arhopala buddha
ssp. cooperi-Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala camdana
Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala centaurus
ssp. nakula- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Peninsular (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Arhopala cleander
ssp. regia- Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala democritus
ssp. democritus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. olina- Sabah
Arhopala elopura
ssp. dama- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala epimete
ssp. duessa- Thailand (Mainland)
Arhopala epimuta
ssp. epiala- West Malaysia, ssp. elsiei- Thailand (Peninsular), ssp. epimuta- Sabah
Arhopala eumolphus
ssp. maxwelli- Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala fulla
ssp. intaca- SAMUIssp. ignara- Thailand (Mainland)
Arhopala hellenore
ssp. hellenore- Thailand ( Mainland)
Arhopala horsfieldi
ssp. eurysthenes- Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala hypomuta
ssp. deva- Sabah ssp. hypomuta- Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala ijanensis
West Malaysia , Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala kinabala
Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala kurzi
West Malaysia
Arhopala lurida
ssp. lurida- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Arhopala major
ssp. major- Singapore
Arhopala moolaiana
ssp. maja- West Malaysia
Arhopala moorei
ssp. busa-Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala muta
ssp. waterstradti- Sabah (Possible A. moorei moorei)
Arhopala norda
ssp. ronda-Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala oenea
Thailand ( Mainland)
Arhopala paraganesa
ssp. zephyretta- Thailand ( Mainland)
Arhopala paralea
Thailand ( Mainland)
Arhopala paramuta
ssp. paramuta- Thailand (Mainland)
Arhopala perimuta
ssp. regina- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala phaenops
ssp. sandakani-Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala sceva
ssp. indra- Sabah
Arhopala selta
ssp. selta- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala silhetensis
ssp. adorea- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. silhetensis- Thailand (Mainland)
Arhopala similis
Arhopala sublustris
ssp. ridleyi- Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala vihara
ssp. hirava- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Arhopala zambra
ssp. zambra- West Malaysia
Arhopala sp1
Artippe eryx
ssp. eryx-Thailand ( Mainland)
Bindahara phocides
ssp. phocides- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Bothrinia chennelli
ssp. celastroides- Thailand (Mainland)
Britomartis cleoboides
ssp. cleoboides- Thailand (Peninsular)
Caleta caleta
ssp. caleta- Sulawesi
Caleta decidia
ssp. decidia- Thailand (Mainland)
Caleta elna
ssp. elvira- Singapore, West Malaysia, Sabah ssp. noliteia- Thailand (Mainland)
Caleta roxus
ssp. pothus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia ssp. roxana- Thailand (Mainland)
Callenya melaena
ssp. melaena- Thailand (Mainland)
Castalius rosimon
ssp. rosimon- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Catapaecilma major
ssp. emas- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular ssp. albicans- Thailand (Mainland))
Catapaecilma subochrea
Thailand ( Mainland)
Catochrysops panormus
ssp. exiguus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Catochrysops strabo
ssp. strabo- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Catopryops ancyra
ssp. subfestiva- Sulawesi
Celastrina lavendularis
ssp. isabella- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. limbata- Thailand (Mainland)
Celatoxia marginata
ssp. splendens- West Malaysia , Mainland Thailandssp. marginata- Thailand (Mainland)
Cheritra freja
ssp. freja- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. pallida- Sabahssp. evansi- Thailand (Mainland)
Cheritrella truncipennis
Thailand ( Mainland)
Chilades lajus
ssp. tavoyanus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Chilades pandava
ssp. pandava- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Chilades putli
SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Cigaritis lohita
ssp. senama- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. himalayanus- Thailand (Mainland)
Cigaritis masaeae
Thailand ( Mainland)
Cigaritis maximus
Thailand ( Mainland)
Cigaritis seliga
ssp. seliga- SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Cigaritis syama
ssp. terana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. peguanus- Thailand (Mainland
Cigaritis vulcanus
ssp. tavoyanus- Thailand ( Mainland)
Curetis acuta
ssp. dentata- Thailand ( Mainland)
Curetis bulis
ssp. bulis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Curetis insularis
ssp. pseudoinsularis- Thailand (Peninsular)
Curetis santana
ssp. malayica- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Curetis saronis
ssp. indosinica- Thailand (Mainland)
Curetis tagalica
ssp. jopa- Thailand (Peninsular)
Cyaniriodes libna
ssp. andersonii- SAMUI
Dacalana burmana
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Dacalana vidura
ssp. azyada- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Dacalana jasoda
ssp. jasoda- SAMUI
Deramas livens
ssp. evansi- Thailand (Peninsular)
Deramas nolens
ssp. pasteuri- SAMUI
Deudorix diara
Deudorix epijarbas
ssp. cinnabarus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Deudorix hypargyria
ssp. hypargyria- Thailand ( Mainland)
Discolampa ethion
ssp. thalimar- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia ssp. ethion- Thailand (Mainland)
Drina donina
ssp. donina- Thailand (Peninsular)
Drina maneia
Thailand (Peninsular)
Drina mariae
Drupadia estella
ssp. nicevillei- Thailand (Peninsular)
Drupadia johorensis
Thailand ( Peninsular)
Drupadia ravindra
ssp. moore- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. boisduvalii- Thailand (Mainland), Thailand (Peninsular)
Drupadia rufotaenia
ssp. rufotaenia- Singapore
Drupadia scaeva
ssp. scaeva- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Drupadia theda
ssp. renonga- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. umara- Sabahssp. thesmia- Thailand (Peninsular)
Eooxylides etias
Eooxylides tharis
ssp. distanti- Singapore, West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Eurychrysops cnejus
ssp. cnejus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Everes argiades
ssp. diporides- Thailand (Mainland)
Everes lacturnus
ssp. lacturnus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Famegana alsulus
ssp. eggletoni- SAMUI
Flos apidanus
ssp. ahamus SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Flos anniella
ssp. anniella- Thailand (Peninsular)
Flos areste
Thailand ( Mainland)
Flos diardi
ssp. capeta- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Flos fulgida
ssp. fulgida-Thailand ( Peninsular)
Heliophorus brahma
ssp. mogoka-Thailand ( Mainland)
Heliophorus epicles
ssp. tweedei- West Malaysiassp. latilimbata- Thailand (Mainland)
Heliophorus hybrida
Thailand (Mainland)
Heliophorus ila
ssp. malaya- West Malaysia
Heliophorus indicus
Thailand ( Mainland)
Horaga albimacula
ssp. ?- SAMUI
Horaga onyx
ssp. onyx- SAMUI
Horaga syrinx
ssp. moulmeina- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Hypolycaena amasa
ssp. maximinianus SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. amasa- Thailand (Mainland)
Hypolycaena erylus
ssp. teatus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. himavantus- Thailand (Mainland)ssp. gamatius- Sulawesi
Hypolycaena kina
ssp. kina- Thailand ( Mainland)
Hypolycaena othona
ssp. othona- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)ssp. minima- Sabah
Hypolycaena sipylus
ssp. giscon- Sulawesi
Hypolycaena thecloides
ssp. thecloides- Singapore
Ionolyce helicon
ssp. merguiana- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Cambodia
Iraota distanti
ssp. distanti- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Iraota rochana
ssp. masashimaruyamai- SAMUIssp. boswelliana- Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Jacoona anasuja
ssp. nigerrima- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Jamides abdul
ssp. abdul- SAMUI
Jamides alecto
ssp. ageladas- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. alocina- Thailand (Mainland)
Jamides bochus
ssp. nabonassar- SAMUI, Thailand (Penisular), West Malaysiassp. bochus- Thailand (Mainland)
Jamides caeruleus
ssp. caeruleus- Singapore
Jamides celeno
ssp. celeno- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. aelianus- Thailand (Mainland)ssp. optimus- Sulawesi
Jamides ferrari
ssp. evansi- SAMUI
Jamides fractilinea
Sulawesi (Possibly Jamides aratus lunata)
Jamides malaccanus
ssp. malaccanus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Jamides pura
ssp. pura- SAMUI
Jamides talinga
Thailand (Peninsular)
Lampides boeticus
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Leptotes plinius
SAMUI, NE Sulawesi, Thailand (Mainland)
Liphyra brassolis
ssp. brassolis- SAMUI
Logania malayica
ssp. malayica- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Logania marmorata
ssp. damis- Singapore
Logania regina
ssp. sriwa- West Malaysia
Loxura atymnus
ssp. atymnus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Loxura cassiopeia
ssp. cassiopeia- Thailand (Mainland), Thailand (Peninsular)
Lycaenopsis heraldus
ssp. renonga- Thailand (Peninsular)
Mahathala ariadeva
ssp. ariadeva- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Mahathala armeria
ssp. armeria- Thailand (Mainland)
Mantoides gama
ssp. gama- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Megisba malayana
ssp. sikkima- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singapore
Miletus ancon
ssp. ancon- Thailand ( Mainland)
Miletus biggsi
ssp. biggsi- SAMUI
Miletus croton
ssp. croton-Thailand ( Mainland)
Miletus chinensis
ssp. learchus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Miletus leos
ssp. maximus- Sulawesi
Miletus mallus
ssp. shania- Thailand ( Mainland)
Miletus symethus
ssp. petronius- Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Nacaduba angusta
ssp. kerriana- SAMUIssp. albida- Thailand (Mainland)
Nacaduba berenice
ssp. icena- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysiassp. akuba- Sabahssp. aphya- Thailand (Mainland)
Nacaduba beroe
ssp. gythion- SAMUI, Cambodia
Nacaduba calauria
ssp. malayica- West Malaysia
Nacaduba hermus
ssp. swatipa- SAMUI
Nacaduba kurava
ssp. nemana- SAMUI
Nacaduba pactolus
ssp. continentalis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Nacaduba pavana
ssp. vajuva- SAMUI
Nacaduba sanaya
ssp. elioti- Singapore
Neocheritra amrita
ssp. amrita- SAMUI
Neomyrina nivea
ssp. nivea- Thailand (Peninsular)
Neopithecops zalmora
ssp. zalmora- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Niphanda asialis
Thailand (Mainland)
Niphanda cymbia
ssp. cymbia-Thailand (Peninsular)
Niphanda tessellata
ssp. tessellata-Thailand (Mainland)
Orthomiella pontis
ssp. pontis- Thailand ( Mainland)
Orthomiella rantaizana
ssp. rovorea- Thailand ( Mainland)
Petrelaea dana
Thailand (Mainland)
Pithecops corvus
ssp. corvus- Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. corax- Sulawesi
Pithecops phoenix
ssp. meoros- Sulawesi
Plautella cossaea
ssp. pambui-Thailand ( Peninsular)
Poritia erycinoides
ssp. trishna- Thailand (Mainland) ssp. phraatica-, Thailand (Peninsular)
Poritia hewitsoni
ssp. regia- Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. rajata- West Malaysiassp. tavoyanus- Thailand (Mainland)
Poritia philota
ssp. philota-Thailand ( Peninsular)
Poritia promula
ssp. elegans- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Poritia sumatrae
ssp. sumatrae-Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Pratapa deva
ssp. relata- SAMUI
Prosotas aluta
ssp. nanda- West Malaysiassp. coelestis- Thailand (Mainland)
Prosotas dubiosa
ssp. lumpura- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. indica- Thailand (Mainland)
Prosotas gracilis
ssp. ni- West Malaysia
Prosotas lutea
ssp. sivoka- West Malaysia
Prosotas nora
ssp. superdates- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. nora- Sulawesissp. ardates- Thailand (Mainland)
Prosotas pia
ssp. marginata- SAMUI
Pseudotajuria donatana
ssp. arooni- Thailand (Mainland)
Purlisa gigantea
ssp. gigantea- SAMUI
Rachana jalindra
ssp. burbona- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. indra- Thailand (Mainland)
Rapala dieneces
ssp. dieneces- SAMUI, Cambodia
Rapala dioetas
Rapala iarbus
ssp. iarbus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), Cambodia
Rapala manea
ssp. chozeba- SAMUI
Rapala nissa
ssp. pahangana- West Malaysia
Rapala pheretima
ssp. sequeira- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singaporessp. petosiris- Thailand (Mainland)
Rapala rectivitta
Thailand (Mainland)
Rapala rhoecus
ssp. rhoecus- Thailand (Peninsular)
Rapala suffusa
ssp. barthema- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Rapala varuna
ssp. orseis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Remelana jangala
ssp. travana- SAMUI, West Malaysiassp. ravata- Thailand (Mainland)
Ritra aurea
ssp. volumnia- West Malaysia ssp. aurea-Sabah
Semanga superba
ssp. deliciosa- Singapore ssp. superba-Sabah
Simiskina phalena
ssp. phalena- SAMUI
Simiskina phalia
ssp. potina- Thailand ( Mainland)
Simiskina pharyge
ssp. deolina- SAMUI
Sinthusa malika
ssp. amata- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Sinthusa nasaka
ssp. amba- Thailand (Mainland)
Sithon nedymond
ssp. ismarus- Thailand (Peninsular)
Spalgis epius
ssp. epius- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singapore
Suasa lisides
ssp. suessa-Thailand (Peninsular) ssp. lisides-Thailand (Peninsular)
Surendra florimel
Thailand (Peninsular)
Surendra quercetorum
ssp. quercetorum- SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Surendra vivarna
ssp. amisena- Singapore, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Tajuria cippus
ssp. cippus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Tajuria dominus
ssp. dominus- SAMUI
Taraka hamada
ssp. mendesia- Thailand (Mainland)
Taraka mahanetra
Thailand ( Peninsular)
Tarucus callinara
Thailand ( Mainland)
Thamala marciana
ssp. sarupa- Thailand (Mainland), Thailand (Peninsular)
Ticherra acta
ssp. acte- Thailand ( Mainland)
Tongeia ion ssp. ion- Thailand ( Mainland)
Tongeia potanini
ssp. glycon- West Malaysiassp. umbriel- Thailand (Mainland)
Udara akasa
ssp. catullus- West Malaysia
Udara albocaerulea
ssp. albocaerulea-Thailand ( Mainland)
Udara cyma
ssp. cyma- Thailand (Peninsular)
Udara dilecta
ssp. thoria- Sulawesissp. dilecta- Thailand (Mainland)
Udara placidula
ssp. irenae- West Malaysiassp. howarthi- Thailand (Mainland)
Udara selna
ssp. tanarata- West Malaysia
Una usta
ssp. usta- Cambodia
Yasoda pita
ssp. dohertyi- Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Yasoda tripunctata
ssp. tripunctata- Thailand ( Mainland)
Zizeeria karsandra
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Zizeeria maha
ssp. maha- Thailand ( Mainland)
Zizina otis
ssp. lampa SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Zizula hylax
ssp. pygmaea SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Aeromachus dubius
ssp. impha- Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Aeromachus pygmaeus
Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Ampittia dioscorides
ssp. camertes- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Ampittia maroides
Thailand (Mainland)
Ancistroides armatus
ssp. armatus- Thailand (Peninsular)
Ancistroides gemmifer
ssp. gemmifer- West Malaysia
Ancistroides nigrita
ssp. othonia- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Arnetta atkinsoni
Thailand ( Mainland)
Arnetta verones
West Malaysia
Astictopterus jama
ssp. jama- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Badamia exclamationis
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Baoris farri
ssp. farri- SAMUI
Baoris oceia
ssp. oceia- SAMUI
Baoris pagana
Thailand ( Mainland)
Baoris penicillata
ssp. chapmani- SAMUI
Bibasis iluska
ssp. iluska- Sulawesi
Bibasis mahintha
Thailand ( Mainland)
Bibasis sena
ssp. uniformis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. sena- Thailand (Mainland
Borbo bevani
Thailand (Peninsular)
Borbo cinnara
Burara amara
Thailand ( Mainland)
Burara harisa
ssp. harisa- Thailand ( Mainland)
Burara gomata
ssp. radiosa- Sulawesissp. lalita- Thailand (Peninsular)
Burara oedipodea
ssp. oedipodea- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Caltoris bromus
ssp. bromus- SAMUI
Caltoris brunnea
ssp. caere- SAMUI
Caltoris cormasa
Caltoris kumara
ssp. moorei- Thailand (Mainland)
Caltoris malaya
Thailand (Peninsular)
Caltoris sirius
Thailand (Peninsular)
Capila phanaeus
ssp. falta- Thailand (Peninsular)
Caprona alida
ssp. alida-Samui
Celaenorrhinus asmara
ssp. asmara- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Celaenorrhinus aurivittatus
ssp. aurivittatus- Thailand (Mainland)
Celaenorrhinus cameroni
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Celaenorrhinus ficulnea
ssp. queda- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Celaenorrhinus inequalis
ssp. irene- Thailand (Mainland)
Celaenorrhinus nigricans
ssp. nigricans- Thailand (Mainland)
Celaenorrhinus pero
ssp. lucifera- Thailand (Peninsular)
Celaenorrhinus putra
ssp. sanda- Thailand (Peninsular)
Cephrenes aculle
ssp. niasicus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Choaspes stigmatus
ssp. caudatus- Thailand (Peninsular)
Coladenia agni
ssp. sundae- Thailand (Peninsular)
Coladenia agnioides
Thailand (Mainland)
Coladenia buchananii
Thailand (Mainland)
Coladenia kehelatha
ssp. kehelatha- Sulawesi
Coladenia laxmi
ssp. sobrina- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Creteus cyrina
ssp. cyrina- Thailand ( Mainland)
Ctenoptilum multiguttatum
Thailand (Mainland)
Ctenoptilum vasava
ssp. vasava- Thailand (Mainland)
Cupitha purreea
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Darpa hanria
Thailand (Mainland)
Darpa pteria
ssp. dealbata- Thailand (Peninsular)
Darpa striata
ssp. striata- Thailand (Peninsular)
Eetion elia
Thailand (Peninsular)
Erionota thrax
ssp. thrax- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Erionota hiraca
ssp. apicalis- SAMUI
Erionota torus
ssp. torus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singapore
Gangara lebedea
ssp. lebedea- Sabah
Gangara thyrsis
ssp. thyrsis- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Gerosis bhagava
ssp. bhagava- Thailand ( Mainland)
Gerosis limax
ssp. dirae- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Gerosis phisara
Thailand ( Mainland)
Gerosis sinica
ssp. narada- Thailand ( Mainland)
Halpe aurifera
Thailand (Peninsular)
Halpe burmana
Thailand (Peninsular)
Halpe elana
West Malaysia
Halpe hauxwelli
Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Halpe insignis
Halpe ormenes
ssp. vilasina- Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. vistula- Sabah
Halpe pelethronix or wantona
West Malaysia
Halpe porus
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Halpe toxopea
Halpe veluvana
ssp. brevicornis- West Malaysia
Halpe zema
ssp. zamba- West Malaysiassp. zema- Thailand (Mainland)
Halpe zola
ssp. zola- Thailand (Peninsular)
Hasora badra
ssp. badra- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Hasora chromus
ssp. chromus- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Hasora leucospila
ssp. leucospila- SAMUI, Cambodia
Hasora lizetta
ssp. hadria- West Malaysia
Hasora malayana
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Hasora mavis
Hasora mus
ssp. pahanga- West Malaysia
Hasora myra
ssp. funebris- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Hasora proxissima
ssp. siamica- Thailand ( Mainland)
Hasora quadripunctata
ssp. celebica- Sulawesi
Hasora schoenherr
ssp. chuza- West Malaysia, Sabahssp. gaspa- Thailand (Mainland)
Hasora taminatus
ssp. bhavara - Cambodia
Hasora vitta
ssp. vitta - SAMUI , Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysiassp. indica- Thailand (Mainland)
Hidari irava
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Hyarotis adrastus
ssp. praba-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia, Singapore
Hyarotis microsticta
ssp. microsticta-SAMUI
Iambrix salsala
ssp. salsala-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Iambrix stellifer
Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Idmon latifascia
Idmon obliquans
ssp. obliquans- West Malaysiassp. yamanta- Sabah
Isma bononia
ssp. bononia- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Isma bononoides
Thailand (Peninsular)
Isma iapis
ssp. iapis-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Isma miosticta
West Malaysia
Isma protoclea
ssp. obscura- West Malaysia
Isma umbrosa
ssp. umbrosa- West Malaysia
Iton semamora
ssp. semamora- Cambodia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Iton watsonii
Thailand (Mainland)
Koruthaialos rubecula
ssp. rubecula- West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. hector- Thailand (Mainland)
Koruthaialos sindu
ssp. sindu- Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Sabah
Lobocla liliana
ssp. liliana- Thailand ( Mainland)
Lotongus avesta
Thailand (Peninsular)
Lotongus calathus
ssp. calathus- Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia ssp. taprobanus- Sulawesissp. balta- Thailand (Mainland)
Matapa aria
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Matapa cresta
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Matapa sasivarna
ssp. sasivarna- Thailand (Peninsular)
Mooreana trichoneura
ssp. trichoneura- Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. pralaya- Thailand (Mainland)
Notocrypta clavata
ssp. clavata- Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Notocrypta curvifascia
ssp. corinda-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)ssp. curvifascia- Thailand (Mainland)
Notocrypta feisthamelii
ssp. alysos- West Malaysia
Notocrypta paralysos
ssp. varians-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. asawa- Thailand (Mainland)
Ochlodes brahma
Thailand ( Mainland)
Ochus subvittatus
ssp. subvittatus- Thailand (Peninsular)
Odina decorata
Thailand (Mainland)
Odina hieroglyphica
ssp. ortygia- Thailand (Peninsular)
Odontoptilum angulatum
ssp. angulatum-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Odontoptilum pygela
ssp. pygela- West Malaysia
Oerane microthyrus
ssp. neaera- Thailand( Peninsular)
Oriens gola
ssp. pseudolus-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Oriens paragola
Thailand( Peninsular)
Parnara apostata
Parnara bada
Parnara ganga
West Malaysia
Pelopidas agna
ssp. agna-SAMUI
Pelopidas assamensis
Thailand ( Mainland)
Pelopidas conjunctus
ssp. conjunctus - West Malaysia
Pelopidas mathias
ssp. mathias-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Pemara pugnans
Pirdana distanti
ssp. distanti- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Pirdana hyela
ssp. rudolphii- Thailand( Peninsular)
Pithauria marsena
ssp. marsena- Thailand( Peninsular), West Malaysia
Pithauria stramineipennis
ssp. stramineipennis- West Malaysia, Thailand (Mainland)
Plastingia naga
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Polytremis eltola
ssp. corbeti- West Malaysiassp. eltola- Thailand (Mainland)
Polytremis lubricans
ssp. lubricans-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Potanthus confucius
ssp. dushta-SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Potanthus fettingini
ssp. kaja- Sulawesi
Potanthus ganda
ssp. ganda-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Potanthus juno
ssp. juno-SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Potanthus lydia
ssp. fraseri- West Malaysia
Potanthus pamela
Potanthus parvus
Thailand (Mainland)
Potanthus pseudomaesa
ssp. clio-SAMUI
Potanthus serina
Potanthus trachala
ssp. tytleri-SAMUI
Pseudocoladenia dan
ssp. dhyana-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. fabia- Thailand (Mainland)
Pseudocoladenia festa
Thailand ( Mainland)
Pseudokerana fulgar
ssp. fulgar- West Malaysia, Sabah
Psolos fuligo
ssp. fuligo-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Pyroneura derna
Thailand ( Peninsular)
Pyroneura latoia
ssp. latoia- Thailand (Peninsular)
Pyroneura margherita
ssp. miriam- Thailand (Mainland)
Pyroneura niasana
ssp. burmana- Thailand (Mainland)
Pyroneura perakana
ssp. perakana- West Malaysia
Quedera monteithi
ssp. monteithi- SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Sarangesa dasahara
ssp. dasahara-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Scobura cephaloides
ssp. kinka-Thailand ( Mainland)
Scobura isota
Thailand ( Mainland)
Scobura phiditia
Thailand ( Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Scobura woolletti
Thailand ( Peninsular)
Sebastonyma pudens
Thailand( Mainland)
Sebastonyma suthepiana
Thailand( Mainland)
Seseria strigata
Thailand( Mainland)
Sovia albipecta
Thailand ( Mainland)
Suada swerga
ssp. suava- Thailand( Mainland)
Suastus everyx
ssp. everyx- Thailand( Peninsular)
Suastus gremius
ssp. gremius-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Suastus minutus
ssp. aditia-SAMUI
Tagiades calligana
West Malaysia, Thailand (Peninsular)
Tagiades cohaerens
ssp. cynthia- Thailand ( Mainland)
Tagiades gana
ssp. gana-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. meetana- Thailand (Mainland)
Tagiades japetus
ssp. atticus-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia
Tagiades lavatus
Thailand( Mainland)
Tagiades menaka
ssp. menaka- Thailand( Mainland)
Tagiades parra
ssp. naxos-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysiassp. gala- Thailand (Mainland)
Tagiades toba
ssp. toba- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Tagiades ultra
ssp. ultra- Singapore, Thailand (Peninsular)
Tagiades vajuna
ssp. vajuna-SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Tapena thwaitesi
ssp. minuscula- Thailand (Mainland)
Taractrocera archias
ssp. quinta- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Taractocera ardonia
ssp. lamia- Sabah, West Malaysia
Taractrocera luzonensis
ssp. dongala- Sulawesi ssp. zenia- Thailand( Peninsular) ssp. stella- Sabah
Telicota augias
ssp. augias-SAMUI
Telicota bambusae
ssp. bambusae- Thailand ( Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland)
Telicota besta
ssp. besta- Thailand ( Peninsular), Singapore
Telicota colon
ssp. stinga-SAMUI, Thailand (Mainland)
Telicota hilda
ssp. hilda- West Malaysia
Telicota ohara
ssp. jix- Thailand ( Peninsular)
Telicota ternanensis
ssp. testa- Sulawesi
Thoressa cerata
Thailand ( Mainland)
Thoressa hyrie
Thailand ( Mainland)
Thoressa masoni
Thailand ( Mainland)
Udaspes folus
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), Thailand (Mainland), West Malaysia
Unkana ambasa
ssp. batara-SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular)
Xanthoneura corissa
ssp. indrasana- Thailand (Peninsular)
Zela excellens
Thailand ( Peninsular)
Zela onara
ssp. solex Thailand ( Peninsular)
Zela zeus
ssp. optima-SAMUI
Zographetus doxus
SAMUI, Thailand (Peninsular), West Malaysia, Singapore
Zographetus ogygia
Zographetus satwa
Thailand( Mainland)